Thiruvannamalai – Arunachala visit


Recently, I made a trip to the world famous Arunachala hill ( Thiruvannamalai in Tamil ).


This place is home to two of the major Gods of Hinduism, 1) Sri Venugopala Swami and 2) Sri Arunachaleswara Swami.

The former is the aspect of Lord Vishnu and the later of Lord Shiva.

hiranyavada                                                              bhikshadanar

The two of them are enshrined in the Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleshwara temple.

There are lots of places of interest around this hill-lock, which receives much attention during the month of Karthigai ( November – December ).

sivagiri                                                 inner courtyard

It is during this month of Karthigai, that the annual lamp festival happens with much pomp in the temple.

A huge fire is lit in an altar atop the Arunachala hill-lock and there are lots of added festivities like procession of deities, the car festival, attached to this festival.

subramanya                             sundareshwara                             sivakamasundari

Also a big tourist attraction are the Shri Ramana Maharishi Ashram, Shri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram and Shri Yogi Ramsurat Kumar Ashram which are there around the hill of Arunagiri.

The Arunagiri is the hill-lock at the back of the main temple and people go around the temple and the Arunagiri in circle called ‘Giri Valam’ ( Mountain rounding ).

yali narasimha govardhana

There are lots of small Shiva temples in the ‘Giri Vala’ path and it has one of the most spectacular views of the mountain side which resembles at some place like a bull’s head and in other places as a Human face.

gopuram dwarapalaka durgadevi

There are two major attractions in this part of Tamilnadu, called Nadu Nadu- and they are:

1) Thirukkovilor

2) Thiruvahindipuram

The above two are temple towns and both are dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

1000 pillar mandapam                                                               yaliride

Hope you will enjoy visiting Thiruvannamalai, do comment on your ‘anubhavams’ or experiences while you are there.

Thanks and regards,

Adiyen – Sri Ramanuja Daasan.


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